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Bringing plants & people together

Mission Plant Co. elevates the ordinary by adding Nature to offices, retail, dining, educational, and healthcare settings.

We offer Annual Plant Plans that include Indoor Plants with Routine Plant Care and monthly payments. We like to make people happy. We are passionate about bringing Nature to others and creating interesting spaces that resonate! 

Office Plants

Reduce Stress

Indoor plants can make you feel more natural, comfortable & soothed.

Living Plants Improve Cognition

Living plants may sharpen attention & concentration on activities

Plants Foster Well-Being

Plants can be therapeutic & increase feelings of well-being

Recover Faster from Illness

Exposure to plants and nature can increase recovery time

Boost Productivity

Plants improve productivity, creativity & may reduce sick days in work environments

Plants Increase Job Satisfaction!

Research has shown that plants in the workplace increase job satisfaction & investment with company

Interior Landscapes

We design and install modern, customized plantscapes for commercial settings in the Lehigh Valley.

We provide Inclusive Annual Plans with Designer Living Plants and Routine Plant Care with easy monthly payments. We strive to meet your budget and vision each and every time!

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is the practice of connecting people with nature in built environments.

We want to make people happy. Plants provide a living, breathing, fascinating element to modern design that naturally improves moods and sparks creativity.

Routine Plant Care

Our routine professional plant care includes service every 7-10 business days, watering, organic feeding and pest management, repositioning, trimming, and our Free Plant Replacement Guarantee!

“Absolutely exceptional company to work with! If you want to bring beauty and life into your space… whatever space that may be… Sabrina and Mission Plant will exceed your expectations!”

Terry Wallace – Venture X Bethlehem

“Our once dreary work space is now filled with so much beauty and life! Sabrina is an absolute pleasure to work with. From our first meeting to seeing her every week, there is always a smile on her face, or under her mask. From a person who knows very little about plants, Sabrina made it easy and fun to choose the best plants for our workspace. The plants are maintained beautifully! If you need to brighten up a space, please consider Mission Plant Company!”

Kimberly Rawhouser – Lehigh Valley Aviation Services

“After building out a newly designed office space we were looking for a way to bring natural elements to our work environment.  Mission Plant Co. created an initial vision for how plants could add character to both common areas, meeting rooms, and personal offices.  In the two years since, we have been most impressed with how Sabrina has cared for and adapted our plantscape to make it feel fresh and welcoming for everyone who visits our office.  We would recommend Mission Plant Co. to anyone looking to create a unique experience in their office space.”

Dennis Morton – Morton Brown Family Wealth, Allentown

“Sabrina made every step so effortless and we were able to get our plant installations done in half of the time we thought it would take. The absolute care, professionalism and result of the overall installation is magnificent. We are so ecstatic with how our workplace looks with the wonderful selection of plants.” 

Kelly Granillo, MIAC Analytics, Bethlehem

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