Dress Up with Plants

  Three Tips on Plant Styling

Dress Up Your Space with Indoor Plants and Bring Life In! Houseplants Are Living, Breathing Expressions of Our Home Decor. Want to Up Your Jungle Game? Check Out These Three Plant Style Tips!

1. All Together Now… Grouping plants together can be a lot of fun! Use the rule of odd numbers when plants and planters have no common denominator or similarities (i.e. groups of three, five, seven). Pair plants together in even numbers (i.e. pairs of two, four, six) when they have a commonality, such as, planter color or container shape. 

2. Move On Up … Maximize the space in your interior jungle with hanging plants! Most planters can be suspended from the ceiling with a hook and plant holder. We recommend using ferns, flowering plants, and trailing plants because they cascade downwards and do not grow up towards the ceiling. 

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3. Plan Carefully, Less May Be Best... In my opinion, it is better to have less plants that are impeccably taken care of vs. a multitude of plants that are hanging on for dear life. Plant care takes time and effort. Not all of us have the resources or energy to maintain hundreds of plants so it may be time to pair it down. No shame! When you grow plants that are healthy and robust, even if it is only one or two, your home is cleaner, happier, and healthier than a house full of plants needing care. 

With Mission Plant Co. you can have all of the wellness benefits in an office plant display without the stress and headache of having to care for them. What are you waiting for?

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Sabrina Walters, Owner, Founder, and Interior Plantscaper

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