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Plants Do That! 

Whether you are in a corporate environment, office building, healthcare facility or upscale restaurant, with indoor plants you can reduce stress, improve cognition, foster well-being, improve recovery, boost productivity & increase satisfaction.

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Living Plant Displays

Our Inclusive Plant Plans include annual or biannual rentals of custom living plants, designer planters, and routine plant care.

Why rent plants? Businesses evolve over time. We make plant keeping easy with rental plans, so you aren’t stuck with plants that no longer meet your needs or vision.

When your Plant Plan expires, you can renew, opt out, or go for a brand new plant display!

Already have plants?

Mission Plant Co. is happy to provide free estimates on plant maintenance for pre-installed plants.

Our Plant Care Plans include our Free Plant Replacement Guarantee, routine plant care every 7- 10 business days, watering, organic feeding and pest management, pruning, repositioning, and repotting.

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Artificial Plants

Mission Plant Co. designs and installs modern artificial foliage for spaces large and small.

Want a modern living wall, maintenance-free? We install artificial living walls starting at $18/sq ft.

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  • Corporate Environments (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Large Office Buildings, Atriums
  • Property Management Companies
  • Upscale Dining & Restaurants
  • Hospitals, Physician Offices, Universities

The benefits of having plants in built environments are numerous, however, living plants require time, attention, & expertise. We make keeping plants easy with our Plant Rental Packages and routine professional plant care.

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