Three Ways to Boost Your Indoor


This Spring

Many of us like plants but don’t know where to start when it comes to plant care. Follow these Three Easy Tips on welcoming your houseplant to the season of Spring!  

Wipe Off Leaves 

1. Wipe off leaves… Our living spaces are clean but many of us overlook our plants.  Plants with dusty leaves are less effective at photosynthesis and are more prone to disease. Wipe off leaves with a wet cloth to remove dust that may have accumulated over the winter season. Your plants will thank you with shiny foliage and improved plant health! 

2. Trim and Stabilize…If you were looking to shape or cut back your indoor plants, the time is now. With the increase in sunlight, indoor plants grow rapidly in the Spring because they are beginning their growing season. Use garden shears or sharp scissors to trim your plants, and cut on an angle and at the base of the stem. Prune off broken, weak, or dead branches. When pruning a Ficus, be wary of the thick white sap that escapes from the stem. It may cause skin irritation so always use gloves. 

Use bamboo or garden poles to support your plant’s posture. Simply place the stick into the soil and attach the plant stem to the pole with velcro or wire. Voila!

Repotting Plants

3. Check your roots. Get up close and personal with your plant’s container pot.  Are there roots coming out of the drainage holes? Root rot can occur easily when plants are not able to drain water thoroughly. When plants become root bound they have less space to drain water which makes roots mushy and more prone to fungal disease. Lay out an old blanket, tarp, or towel and gently shake your plant out of its pot. If your plant is tightly packed, roll the container on the floor while pressing your weight on the sides of it. Rolling the container may help loosen the soil. Use garden scissors to cut away any blackened or decomposing roots. Scoop out compacted soil to make room for fresh soil. Replant in a container 2″ larger in diameter than its previous planter.

Happy Planting!

Sabrina Walters, Owner, Founder, and Interior Plantscaper at Mission Plant Co.

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