Why Your 2021 Home Office Needs Plants

Major obstacles in returning to the office in 2020 have continued into 2021 with the presence of COVID-19 in our communities. Many of us have carved out spaces in our home to work remotely but problems may exist in the home-to-work environment when there are too many distractions and interruptions.

As a single mother…

As a single mother with out-of-state family, I am constantly juggling my 3rd grade son’s hybrid schedule and virtual learning with the full-time demands of owning and operating a small business. It is not always perfect or easy, but it is possible!

The key to a great work environment, either at home or in the workplace, is knowing what you need to optimize your focus and motivation,–which is different for everyone.  Some of us thrive on loud music and strong coffee while others do best with quietude and a pot of herbal tea. Whatever your workstyle is, we all can benefit from an element of novelty in our daily routine. Watching a plant grow on your desk that was nourished by your hands can significantly enhance your work environment and combat feelings of isolation.

When human beings connect with nature, we experience a decrease in stress and an increase in productivity and focus. Major companies, such as Google HQ and Apple, have made it their priority to provide their employees with access to nature through indoor plant displays. These companies see the value in providing nature throughout the workday.

Whether you purchase your plant from a local shop or propagate one from a friend’s cutting, the results are the same. Plants are a welcome addition to your space. Easy plants to start with are: Snake Plants, Spider Plants, Chinese Evergreens, and Pothos.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Indoor Plant Resources in the Lehigh Valley:

  • Mission Plant Co. – Commercial Interior Plant Design, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Dan Schantz Greenhouse- Local Plant Nursery in Allentown
  • The Curious Plantaholic – Local Plant Shop in Nazareth

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